About The Ohio Agricultural Council

The Ohio Agricultural Council includes organizations, companies and individuals who have an interest in the well-being and promotion of the agricultural industry in Ohio. OAC holds two meetings per year at various central Ohio venues and features educational and entertaining guest speakers. OAC also sponsors the Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame Awards at the Ohio State Fair.

The purpose of OAC is:

  • To provide a vehicle through which those interested in agriculture may work together; a place where members may exchange ideas, strive to achieve mutual understanding and where they may coordinate their efforts.
  • To build a favorable image of Ohio's agriculture through an effective public relations program. 


2020-2021 Executive Committee

  • Mike Bumgarner, President
  • Chris Henney, President Elect
  • Tadd Nicholson, Vice President
  • Mike Bailey, Organization Member at Large
  • Liz Funderburgh, Individual Member at Large
  • Hinda Mitchell, Past President
  • Janice Welsheimer, Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio)


OAC Articles of Incorporation

OAC Amended and Restated Code of Regulations