Leo L. Rummell

Leo L. Rummell was born on a farm near Niles. He was the first ag-student on the Ohio State University debating team and later became the first editor of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. Rummell was appointed a trustee of Ohio State University in 1940 and served a seven year term. In 1947 Rummell was named Dean of the College of Agriculture and continued in this position until his retirement in 1960. He was the first Dean to also be Director of the Experiment Station at Wooster. While dean-director, he served on a number of commissions and committees.

Rummell aided in establishing agriculture and veterinary schools in northwest India in 1955-56. He was also director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio Bell Telephone and Cleveland Union Stockyards. Since retirement  in 1960 he has continued to live in Columbus.