Max M. Scarff

58 years as a prominent farmer, Clark County, Max M. Scarff pioneered in production of certified grains, soy beans and hybrid corn. He has been a leader in support and promotion of the Ohio Farm Bureau and in the Ohio and National Seed Industry. He received the Ohio "Master Farmer" award in 1937 and the "Firestone Master Farmer" award in 1943. During his lifetime he has been past president of the American Seed Trade Association, Ohio Hybrid Seed Corn Producers, Ohio Foundation Seeds, The Ohio Seed Improvement Association and The Ohio Seed Dealers Association. He has received national recognition as a 29 year member of the Board of Directors of Nationwide Insurance and the Nationwide Corporation. He served for 25 years as a member of the New Carlisle Bethel School Board. November 15th, 1972, he received the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation distinguished service award.