Wilbur H. Bruner

Wilbur H. Bruner served 46 years for Ohio agriculture as an educator. He is internationally known as the pioneer of pork improvement. He developed the Ohio Pork Improvement Program and served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Pork Improvement Association of Ohio (1954-1969). In 1946 he established the first county swine testing station (Preble) and later supervised the first state swine evaluation station in the nation at Ohio State University (1954-1969). Through the cooperation and support of purebred and commercial pork producers, marketing agencies, and meat processors, he demonstrated and documented the importance of performance records in selecting breeding stock to efficiently produce high quality lean pork. He has received citations and awards from the Pork Improvement Association of Ohio, American Society of Animal Science, National Hog Farmer, The National Pork Producers Council, Landmark Incorporated and one Saddle and Sirloin Club, Ohio State University.