Thomas Scott Sutton

For nearly 50 years as a dedicated scientific administrator, educator, and researcher in Ohio Agriculture with a specialization in nutrition and biochemistry, Dr. Sutton has worked toward providing food for the world. He has acted as an advisor for agricultural development, research and education in India and Brazil.

During his distinguished career at the Ohio State University, Dr. Sutton has served as an outstanding teacher and researcher in nutrition and biochemistry, as Chairman of the Departments of Animal Science and Agricultural Biochemistry, as Associate Director of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, and as Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology.

He is very humble, modest and is recognized as an authority in his field. Dr. Sutton has served as editor of the Journal of Dairy Science, and has published more than 60 articles which have appeared in various professional journals.

He has been honored with the Ohio State University Centennial Award, the American Feed Manufacturers Award for Nutritional Research, and the Distinguished Nutritionist Award of the Distillers Feed Research Council.