Joel S. Coffey

Joel S. Coffey, Professor at Ohio State University, was in charge of swine production and teaching of Animal Husbandry from 1914 through 1951. Professor Coffey was a distinguished teacher of livestock production and influenced the lives and careers of many of today's leaders in Ohio agriculture. He trained swine judging teams and assisted in the training of the general livestock judging team. He developed the OSU swine herd, which won many grand championships at the Ohio State Fair and the International Livestock Exposition.

Professor Coffey was associated with many commit tees and associations including: the development of type standard for Chester White Swine Record Association; served on Type Classification and Standardization Committee, American Berkshire Association; and assisted in the formation of the Pork Improvement Association of Ohio.

Joel Coffey's integrity and grasp of the problems of the livestock and meat industry made him a valued counselor to many; including farmers, breeders, feed manufacturers and marketers.