Walter L. Bluck

Walter Bluck, Franklin Coun, has been active in Ohio agriculture for 50 years. He served as County Agriculture Agent for 22 years. As Clinton County Agent, he developed the first Ohio Sheep and Lamb Improvement program. His interest in youth resulted in excellent 4-H and youth programs.

In 1944, he was an Ohio Delegate to a White House Conference on Rural Education. 1947 to 1954 he served as executive secretary of the Ohio Farmers Cooperatives. 1954 to 1974 Mr. Bluck owned and operated a Franklin County farm producing quality lambs and hogs.

For his dedicated service to the welfare of Ohio people and agriculture, he has received the following recognitions; National Association of County Agents Distinguish Service Award-1945, Honorary FFA State Farmer Degree-1953, Producers Livestock Association Recognition Award-1953, Ohio Council of Farmer Cooperatives Service Award-1955.