Forest Loudenslager

Forest Loudenslager, Marion County, is a friendly, practical innovative farmer of over 50 years who has used his ingenuity and skills to develop ideas to fit his needs.

He has a lifelong interest in pork production. He has pioneered in developing modern, automated systems, including one of the first complete animal waste systems using his own ideas because there was no system in existence. His system utilizes a lagoon and electrically controlled aerators.

He and two sons farm approximately 1,600 acres in partnership producing grain, beef, and pork.

Many agricultural organizations have honored Forest for his service including 4-H, FFA, Ohio Pork Producers Council, and National Pork Producers Association.

He has been an active citizen of the Marion community through work with the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, United Appeal, Red Cross, and the Methodist Church. Forest is a generous citizen who has time to do many things for others.