D. C. Kiplinger

Dr. D. C. Kiplinger, 1915-1977, formerly of Franklin County, distinguished himself during his 40 year career with The Ohio State University as a teacher, researcher and extension specialist in floriculture. During his 40 year career, he seldom spent less than 80 working hours per week. During the 25 years he taught courses, he missed class only one time due to illness. He served 25 years as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio Florists' Association, an organization with members from around the world. During his 25 years of extra curricular activities with the Ohio Florists' Association, he edited the Association's monthly bulletin which is believed to be the most widely read educational florist bulletin in the world. He also coordinated the annual Ohio State University's Florist Short Course. In 1979, the first endowed chair in the College of Agriculture at the Ohio State University was established in tribute to him. The Kiplinger Chair is the only endowed chair in floriculture in the world. He received many honors and recognitions prior to his death in 1977 including induction into the Society of American Florists' Hall of Fame. The Society of American Florists designated Kiplinger as "Mr. Floriculture."