Lawrence E. Kunkle

Larry Kunkle, Franklin County, professor emeritus of The Ohio State University, Department of Animal Science, dedicated 40 years of superior leadership to the meat science program. Often referred to as "Prof," he pioneered in the development and evaluation of meattype animals and carcasses which brought national recognition to the State of Ohio. He built a fledgling meat science activity into an outstanding program serving Ohio and the nation. He combined scientific knowledge with its application in industry. He traveled throughout Ohio working with county extension agents, livestock organizations and a multitude of consumers demonstrating carcass evaluation, explaining carcass improvement and discussing meat utilization. He was a member of the initial committee that developed pork carcass standards which were later adopted nationwide. He has received many honors and served in several leadership capacities. He served as President of the American Meat Science Association and was presented the Association's distinguished teacher award as well as its merit award.