Jacob McQueen

Jacob McQueen, 1873-1931, formerly of Tuscarawas County, has been recognized as a true agricultural pioneer. He introduced steam and gasoline powered farm machinery into Tuscarawas County, introduced soy beans to Ohio and originated an inexpensive legume inoculator that eliminated the need to transport wagon loads of topsoil from field to field. McQueen also persuaded farmers throughout the United States to adopt the new methods of farming that insured greater yields and higher profits. The McQueen Inoculator was an early dry soil culture of rhizobia bacteria that enabled legumes to extract nitrogen from the air. McQueen received national recognition for the effectiveness of this inoculator and he was in constant demand for his inspiring and informative lectures. He lectured nationally to educate farmers in scientific farming techniques. Many journalists referred to him as the "Luther Burbank of Ohio" and the "Soil Wizard". His practical and specific scientific approach earned him state and national awards.