John H. Klippart

John Kiippart, 1823-1878, born near Canton, Ohio, was an author, a public servant, a geologist, a narrator, and an organization leader. Mr. Klippart served as associate editor of the Ohio Farmer and served as Secretary of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, the forerunner of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Under John Klippart's guidance, the Board succeeded in encouraging the State of Ohio to accept funds provided by the public lands act of 1862 to develop a land-grant college. Historical documents note, "that it was the action of the Board, including John Klippart, that kept the fires burning to create the 'Charter' of The Ohio State University under the Cannon Act of 1870." Mr. Klippart toured Europe as an official representative of the United States Commissioner of Agriculture, which was the forerunner of the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. He also served as General Secretary (manager) of the Ohio State Fair. He authored many articles and books on agricultural and scientific subjects.