Louis Bromfield

Louis Bromfield, 1896-1956, was a pioneer in the establishment of on farm conservation practices, author and lecturer. He left behind Malabar Farm, one of Ohio's state parks. His writing skills were recognized in 1927 when he won the Pulitzer Prize for his book, Early Autumn. In addition to Early Autumn, he wrote The Farm, Pleasant Valley, Malabar Farm, Out of the Earth and From My Experience.

He is credited for being an outstanding lecturer and teacher in sharing his views on how to care for the soil and land. He urged restoring the soil organically, correcting drainage and the addition of lacking nutrients.

His leadership skills and his ability to communicate were recognized by the United States Chamber of Commerce of which he served as a director. He was a leader within the "Friends of the Land Organization", made up of writers, bankers, professors, farmers, industrialists, forestry experts and government officials.