Dr. Berlin W. Kagy

Dr. Berlin W. Kagy. DVM. has been a true pioneer in the artificial insemination industry. Born in Bloomville, Ohio. and now residing in Tiffin. Ohio. Kagy bred the first cuss by artificial insemination in 1940 for the Northern Ohio Breeders Association (NOBA). a producer owned cooperative. Devoting his life to the improvement of dairy and beef cattle in Ohio-both nationally and internationally.

Kagy is credited with developing many of the practices used today in the artificial insemination industry. Over the past 44 years, he was responsible for the warm water thaw procedure, widely used by the industry today, as well as various herd health, management and testing programs. He also guided NOBA through the change from liquid to frozen semen. Dr. Kagy isa graduate of The Ohio State University (OSU) Veterinary College.