Eugene V. Endres

Eugene V. Endres (deceased) was known as the "Rose Man of Ohio. He was never without a pocketful of rose buds to present to people. He approached people by saying, ''You are not properly dressed.' then proceeded to pin his own Ohio-grown roses on them. For over five decades, Endres was the owner of the Endres Floral Company in New Philadelphia. Ohio. He was a true promoter of Ohio agriculture and ensured that his commodity-roses, decorated functions held on a local, state and national level. He is attributed with successfully lobbying to have the rose declared a national flower. Endres was a tireless promoter of the floriculture industry and was a key promoter in establishing the OSU College of Agriculture's first endowed chair. He has held numerous leadership positions in floriculture associations on a state and national level, including past president of the Ohio Agricultural Council.