Merlin D. Woodruff

Merlin D. Woodruff began his career as an auctioneer in 1948. He has sold at auctions in 37 states and Canada, but is best known for his auctioneering at the Ohio State Fair and at county fairs. Woodruff began selling at the Ohio State Fair in the early 'XOs and has been back every year since. In the process, he has become acquainted with Ohio governors from the administrations of Frank J. Lausche up to George V. Voinovich. He has auctioneered at the All American Dairy Show in Columbus since 1950. In 1952, he was one of five auctioneers to handle the J.C. Penney Angus Herd Sale in Missouri.

Woodruff loves his work and is known for his ability to sell anything, from household goods and farms, to livestock. At one time, he sold up to 10 fairs a year. He has been one of the sponsors of the annual calf scramble at the Champaign County Fair and sponsor of the "4-H Boy of the Year" award for many years. He has also been a little league baseball sponsor for many years.