Clifton Kerns (C.K.) Elliott

Clifton Kerns (C.K.) Elliott, of Mt. Victory, gave 60 years of his life to the livestock industry as a marketer for livestock producers, cooperative and independent markets and the packing industry.

In 1916, Elliott pioneered one of the first Cooperative Livestock Shipping Association in Ohio, known as the Hale Twp. Cooperative Shipping  Association. In addition, he organized concentration livestock yards and co-founded the Independent Livestock Marketing Association.

Dissatisfied with the biased and minimal news service prior to World War II, Elliott was a chief promoter of the development of the present-day Federal-State Market Livestock News Service. This continues to benefit livestock producers, grain elevator operators and livestock markets today.

Elliott served on the Ohio State Board of Agriculture under three governors. During this time, he served as Beef Superintendent and initiated the first beef carcass evaluation program.