George W. Smidley

George W. Smidley, of Ross County, was a progressive farmer, businessman and inventor. With the needs of hog producers in mind, Smidley invented the widely used Smidley Hog Feeder in 1922.

Smidley designed the hog feeder to enable hogs to have individual feeding sections. Except for the use of stainless steel, the feeder is still manufactured the same as originally patented. The Smidley Hog feeder has been sold in 30 states and has been shipped to South America, Mexico and Canada. Smidley feeders are used at most testing stations and universities throughout the United States. Among Smidley's other inventions are the clod crusher and leveler to help farmers prepare the fields for planting. He also invented and patented the Smidley Hog House, which provided individual housing for sows and to have their pigs in safe and sanitary conditions.

Smidley died February 14, 1940 at age 72.