Carl S. Akey

Carl S. Akey. of Loudon, Tennessee has given more than 50 years of his life revolutionizing the livestock feed industry. He played an integral part in designing products allowing feed dealers to compete with feed manufacturers in performance and value on the national level. He was among the first to recognize the value of consistent quality feed ingredients contributing to outstanding livestock performance.

He designed and built the first major continuous farrowing, full confinement swine operation in Ohio. He was one of the first to use yeast culture by-products, fish meal, cheese products, skim milk and blood plasma for baby pigs. He was instrumental in developing a multi-phase pig starter program that optimized digestive capacity. Akey hosted nutritional seminars attracting nutritionists from throughout the U.S and worked with several different companies as their leading nutritionist, until the formation of his company. Carl S. Akey, Inc.