Ralph Cobey

Ralph Cobey, Galion has been an active member in the agricultural industry for approximately 67 years. He was the first designer of conservation tillage equipment including the first power driven manure spreader: first power insilage wagon for corn, hay and cotton; first all steel pulverizer and a frame which took attachments for field cultivator, disc harrow, harrow teeth and pulverizer, saving the farmer from buying four separate machines. He also helped develop the first tractor pulled, power driven field harvester, manufactured under the name "Skyline."

Cobey was a generous man and great supporter of Ohio's agricultural industry. He was chairman and general manager of the Louis Bromfield Malabar Farm Foundation. Cobev gave the farm to the State of Ohio to continue the mission of Louis Bromfield.

Cobey was recognized as one of six outstanding living alumni by Carnegie-Mellon University and has been appointed to several national committees. He has been a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Presidents Council at The Ohio State University.