James F. Cavanaugh

James F. Cavanaugh, Columbus, has served the agricultural industry in Ohio from the concrete floor of a holding pen to the carpeted floor of a CEOs office. From his early work at the Kansas State University dairy barn and creamery to the 1939 Worlds Fairy where he worked as Borden's Elsie herdsman, to the editorial staff of Hoard's Dairvnien and finally, to the American Jersey Cattle Club headquarters. Jim Cavanaugh has left his imprint of excellence.

Cavanaugh began his leadership role in dairy herd improvement in 1947 where he adopted non-traditional roles to make Jersey dairying more profitable. He served as the executive secretary of the Jersey Breed Headquarters being labeled as the most visible and vocal proponent to support the Jersey breed in Ohio.

Cavanaugh was World Dairy Expo's Man of the Year in 1977. Entered into the Dairy Science Hall of Service at OSU, he also received national recognition from the World Jersey Cattle Bureau in 1992 for his distinguished service to the breed.