Gene Isler

Gene Isler, Delaware, has provided outstanding leadership to pork producers on the local, state, national and international levels. His vision for the industry led to the development of Isler Genetics, a 400 sow seedstock herd, producing Durocs, Hampshires, Yorkshires and Cross bred seedstock and showpigs; Buckeye Pork, Cardinal Pork and Wyandot Pork, commercial swine farms; and Lean Value Sires Boar Stud, a national and international supplier of terminal and show pig semen.

As an educator, Isler has made exceptional contributions to the Ohio pork industry. He served OSU as a Professor in Animal Science and OSU Extension as a swine specialist for 23 years, and consulted in swine production and genetics in numerous other countries.

Isler's commitment to his church and community has been just as strong as his commitment to supporting and improving the pork industry.