Dr. William L. Ingalls

A 1936 graduate of Columbus West High School, Dr. William L. Ingalls has distinguished himself through more than 60 years' work in veterinary medicine. With BS, MS and doctor ate degrees from The Ohio State University. Ingalls began his career as the assistant state pathologist at the Ohio Department of Agriculture laboratories.

From 1947 to 1951, Dr. Ingalls was the Director the Ohio State University Veterinary Diagnostic laboratory and faculty member of the College of Veterinary Medicine's Department of Pathology. Rejoined The Columbus Serum Company in 1951 and worked for 23 years retiring from there as a vice president. The Columbus Serum Company produced Hog Cholera vaccines which were used in the successful eradication of the Hog Cholera from the U.S. in 1978.

After retiring from The Columbus Serum Company, he returned to OSU and was the Swine Extension Veterinarian for 12 years before reaching mandatory retirement in 1988. After officially retiring from OSU, he continues to divide his time between OSU and the Pickaway County Health Department where he served as Health commissioner from 1988 to 1993. He continues to actively serve the College of Veterinary Medicine at OSU to the present day as Professor Emeritus.

A resident of Reynoldsburg, Dr. Ingalls and his wife Maybelle Lee, who is deceased, have two daughters Carol Bear, and Susan James.