Mary Lou Pfeiffer Saunway

There perhaps is no woman who can be hailed as more of a pioneer in farm broadcasting than the late Mary Lou Pfeiffer Saunway, who was from Kenton. As one of the female members of the National Association of
Television and Radio Farm Directors, Saunway blazed a trail for women across the country.  Her work was heard during two programs a day, five days a week, by WRFD listeners across the state. 

 One of her most important projects on the air was her series of interviews with Dr. A.B. Graham, the founder of 4-H Clubs, which captured his early days as a rural educator and his role in starting 4-H. She was also a strong advocate for farm women and their role in agriculture. She shared her knowledge and expertise with participants in the Community Institute Programs held around the state in the 1940's and 50's.

Saunway's admiration for 4-H extended to her service as a member of the 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees, but her commitment to service spanned a multitude of organizations, including work with groups fighting cancer, raising awareness of mental health and promoting business development.

Committed to improving understanding between urban markets and the rural community, she also received the "Life Line of America" award for her work from the Grocery Manufacturers of America. She also was inducted into the Ohio 4-H Hall of Fame and the Hardin County Agriculture Hall of Fame, as well as featured in a 1957 issue of "The Saturday Evening Post" for her community service efforts.

Saunway passed away in 2006.