Don Ralph

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Agriculture has not only been Don Ralph's livelihood, but his passion. As a second-generation farmer, Ralph works hard not only on his farm, but in Washington D.C. and Columbus, Ohio, where he advocates for the betterment of agriculture. Recently, Ralph has been serving as a strong advocate for improving the quality of Ohio's lakes and waterways and educating the public about the possible causes and solutions of the toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.

Ralph's farm has been recognized numerous times for its conservation efforts. In 2001, Ralph Farms received the Outstanding Conservation Operator Award from the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District. The farm also received the Buffer Ohio Award, which recognizes landowners who have done an outstanding job of applying and maintaining conservation buffer practices to the Ohio landscape.

Through the years, Ralph has served on numerous boards and committees at the state and local levels, including the Farmers Mutual Relief Association, Ohio Soybean Council, and Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Board of Trustees. Ralph exemplifies the highest degree of leadership, passion and dedication to agriculture.