William Hoewischer, Sr.

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William (Bill) Hoewischer, Sr. now deceased, worked for more than 60 years as a farmer and livestock breeder in Ohio. He was nationally known as a breeder and exhibitor of registered livestock, specifically for Belgian horses, Yorkshire and Hampshire hogs, and Shorthorn beef cattle.

Through his career, Hoewischer tirelessly gave his time and resources to the livestock industry by serving on the Producers Livestock Association (now United Producers, Inc.) Board, National Livestock and Meat Board, Farm Credit District Bank Board, and as the superintendent of the beef cattle at the Ohio State Fair.

He was recognized nationally for his achievements and contributions. In 1993, Hoewischer received the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's Distinguished Service Award, the organization's highest honor, for his outstanding contributions to his local community and the industry of agriculture at the state and national levels.

Hoewischer was well respected by individuals he worked with and served, and was looked to as a strong leader in the agriculture industry.