William Haddad

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William (Bill) Haddad, known to many as "No-Till Bill," has worked tirelessly to help farmers understand and implement no-tillage farming practices ever since he first heard the term in 1969 at a Chevron Agricultural Chemical Co. meeting. His passion for no-tillage continues as a way to save and improve the soil by reducing erosion; improving water quality; saving time, labor and equipment investment; and conservation of fuel.

Throughout the years, Haddad has contributed to several articles on no-tillage crop production discussing the benefits of the systems. Additionally, he has conducted hundreds of on-farm demonstrations and grower meetings on the practice, including being an active exhibitor in the Ohio Farm Science Review for more than three decades. Furthermore, Haddad invested his own money in the state's first Spray-Coupe to demonstrate effective weed control systems for no-tillage crops.

Haddad's achievements have been recognized both at the state and national levels. Among the many recognitions include: Ohio No-Till Council AgriBusiness Award, the Goodyear/NACD Conservation Award of Merit for Outstanding Accomplishments in Resource Conservation, and being inducted into the Farm Science Review Hall of Fame.