Bryan Black

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A true advocate for Ohio agriculture, Bryan Black has spent decades investing in the future of the industry, on the county, state and national levels. Starting in 1980, Black partnered with his father, Ned, and brother, Barry to manage Ned Black & Sons LLC - a 600-acre grain and livestock farm - and serving as its owner since 2008. In addition, Black has worked for Kalmbach Swine Management for seven years, serving as the production supervisor to select maternal females for internal replacement and external sales.

From the early stages of his career, Black has served on numerous committees and boards for the good of the industry. As a National Pork Producers Council board member, Black was instrumental in guiding the industry through trade disputes, increasing pork consumption in school lunches and fostering relationships with allied industry members. Black served as a president of the NPPC and was also a National Pork Board committee member. In Ohio, Black is an Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board Member, developing swine standards for the board, and has served as a member and president of the Ohio Pork Council.

Black has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including National Pork Producers Council All-American, National Pork Board's Environmental Stewardship Award for Ohio and Ohio Pork Industry Excellence Award.